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Discover Serenity at Rosewood Recovery Mental Health Center Newtown PA

Rehab Treatment Center Newtown PA

Welcome to Rosewood Recovery Rehab Center

At Rosewood Recovery, we know that the choice to seek healing is both brave and deeply personal. Our Newtown rehab center team and support staff are honored to be a part of that journey.

Through individualized treatment planning and a robust support system, we balance the power of community with individual attention to ensure clients are well-equipped for their road to recovery. 


Transforming Lives

Our tailored programs cover a spectrum of co-occurring and substance abuse disorders

Co-Occurring Disorders


Take the First Step

Rosewood Recovery boasts a wide variety of program options, from transitional rehabilitation to outpatient services


Partial-Hospitalization Programming

Bridge the gap between residential rehab and outpatient care with a highly structured treatment setting.


Intensive Outpatient Programming

Access medical and mental health services in a more flexible schedule that prioritizes blending treatment with the challenges of daily life.


Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Get continued professional and community support while maintaining a routine with our most flexible treatment program.

Recovery Begins Here

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140 Terry Drive Suite 118
Newtown PA 18940